If you’re in… Toronto

  • Make use of the public transport network, which is very good. The Subway, trolleys and buses take you everywhere. Cash fares are $3 for adults, $2 for seniors and students and 75 ¢ for children. Transfers expire in 2 hours, which means that you can take a bus and transfer to a trolley using the same ticket within a 2 hour period. You can pay for your fare on the bus but remember to have the correct amount in coins as the driver doesn’t give you change. The same goes for the Subway: you can pay cash (they make change, though) or buy tokens. You should consider buying a $10 day pass too if you’re planning on sightseeing a lot. Visit TTC for info on routes, fares, etc.
A trolley down Queen Street east – Corktown

  • Eat a hot dog. Toronto is famous for its hot dogs. There are a few varieties to choose from: beef dogs, Polish, German and Italian sausages (mild and spicy), chicken sausages, even halal meat!
Hot dog stand outside Eaton Centre

  • Walk! One of the best features of Toronto, in my opinion, is that it is pedestrian-friendly, even in the winter months. When it’s freezing cold in the street, take the PATH (a 28-kilometre long underground network connecting subway stations, hotels, malls and various attractions) and don’t let the snow stop you.
A PATH corridor

  • Take your time to stroll around the neighbourhoods. Each of them is unique: Chinatown, Koreatown, Little Italy, Cabbagetown, Old Town Toronto, and the list goes on.