Free SIM cards from O2 – all that glitters is not gold


We arrived in Heathrow, London, two days ago for a family visit.

As we were making our way to the exit of Terminal 3, a young girl offered us free SIM cards from O2. I hesitated but then took one. She explained to me how to use it (stick it in your phone and top it up.)

I did exactly that. I inserted the SIM card in my phone and dialled 4444 to top it up. I entered the phone number and the credit card number. Then they asked for my postcode. I entered my Texas one because I was using an American credit card but was rejected.

I then tried online. This time, I entered my in-laws address and postcode. Rejected again.

I wonder if you need a British card only. In that case, it’s a really stupid idea to give out free SIM cards to foreigners at the airport since they will not definitely have a British credit card.

Beware of freebies. I should have known. I’m not the world’s greatest fan of Telefonica…

Rant over.