Christmas madness in Plano, Texas

Every year, the residents of Deerfield (Plano, Texas) go over the top with their Christmas decorations. Some do it themselves, some hire  a business to do it for them and some even go the extent of hiring a designer to do the mise-en-scène.

Visitors can vote for their favourite house by sending a text message with the address to a specific number. Traffic can get heavy in this quiet neighbourhood at weekends. I can only imagine how annoyed residents must feel getting in and out of their garages while trying to avoid gawkers.  There are organized tours of the neighbourhood!

Without further ado, let me show you some of the most outrageous Christmas lights.

Would you vote for this one?
A giant manger
Minnie and Mickey went round and round in those teacups
Minnie and Mickey went round and round in those teacups


I love how the shadows of the menorah on the wall behind
Angels and renindeers and lights, lots of lights
Walt Disney characters are a staple

These homeowners hired a designer to do the work. I had to video the whole thing because it was impossible to fit all that in one shot!

Which one is your favourite?