Carlos Keen: snapshots of the countryside

Carlos Keen is a small country town located less than 90 kilometres west of the city of Buenos Aires (see map here). The nearest big town is Luján. Carlos Keen is known for its restaurants and is an ideal place to spend a quiet Sunday afternoon ambling about, checking out the goods at the arts and crafts fair, and cleansing your lungs with fresh country air.

The old railway station at Carlos Keen now houses an arts and crafts market, where one can buy anything from homespun wool clothes to tea caddies.
A classic countryside tableau: grazing horses and a windmill. It doesn't get any more "gaucho" than this.
An example of a typical old house in the countryside: very high ceilings; brick walls; tall, narrow windows. This style is called "casa chorizo", like a sausage, because the rooms are laid out one behind the other, joined by a corridor. This one was converted into a very good restaurant.
This is what a busy street looks like on a Sunday in the countryside. The perfect bucolic setting for a restoring siesta.
What I love about this shot is the contrast between city and country. Neither vehicle looks out of place parked on the street. I wonder if the belong to the same person.
To me, this shot embodies what life in the country is all about: friendship, modern living and tradition. I love the fact that one kid is saddling the horse while the other waits sitting on his bike!