2012 World Championship BBQ Goat Cook-Off (Yup. Really)

Looking for something different to do on Labour Day Weekend, we planned a road trip to the heart of Texas. Or, at any rate, that’s what the town of Brady calls itself.

We started the long weekend off with some goat meat at the 39th International Goat BBQ Cook-Off at Richards Park in Brady. Right off the bat we were offered samples of goat sausage wraps by one the competing teams. The food was very tasty and the team members were very friendly. Actually, everyone we met was extremely friendly: people waved hello, struck up conversations with us and gushed over Sean’s British accent, which never fails to enchant people.


This team’s smoker had the Texas Tech logo and a picture of Raider Red. I noticed he was very popular in the Hill Country. Or maybe the deer hunters reminded me of him.

The air smelled of barbeque and summer, smoke and fried food. There were many teams huddled over the smokers, tasting their food, rectifying the seasoning and graduating the heat. Most team members wore matching t-shirts or button down shirts and hats.

A team in action

We sat down to eat some goat. We had a piece of neck, which was tough as old boots and inedible, and goat wraps. The meat was stringy but at least we were able to eat it (though we wished we’d brought some toothpicks).

The judges’ tables were on a trailer bed along with the trophies. On each table were pen and paper, toothpicks and a bottle of TUMS (a popular antacid). The judges wore matching powder blue button-down shirts with the competition’s logo and cowboy hats. We didn’t stay for the judging but I felt kind of sorry for the old boys judging the “Mystery Meat” competition.

The judges’ table (no, Tom Colicchio and Padma weren’t there)

I also noticed that while most teams were flying the Lone Star flag (the official flag of the State of Texas), a handful also had the Confederate flag alongside.  I guess this sentiment still runs deep.

Flags over Texas

PS: I still haven’t figured out why it’s called “world” championship.