School zones

As an expat, I had to adapt to a new culture, to its rules and social mores. Actually, it was a conscious decision, I decided to adapt and adopt new customs in order to integrate. I know that some people prefer to stay in a close-knit group, speaking their mother tongue and not venturing much outside their comfort zone. This may work for them but is not enough for me.

school zone

One of the new –for me- aspects of living in Dallas is that of driving. One can’t practically exist without a car, especially living in the suburbs. I never owned a car in Buenos Aires because I felt it wasn’t necessary so this was a big lifestyle change.

I’ve been living and driving in Dallas for eight years now. Every so often I reflect on what is different from my hometown of Buenos Aires and school zones is one such thing.

There are signs that warn you you;’re about to enter a school zone and should reduce your speed to 20 mph only if the amber light is flashing. You can resume your speed when told to do so by another sign. Although cellphone use in the car is allowed, it is strictly prohibited in school zones. I you ask me, authorities should ban it completely. I see many idiots texting and driving at 70 mph on the highways.


Please don’t (Dennis Aubrey)

I’m reblogging this post by Dennis Aubrey. It’s a worthy cause 🙂

This is a post addressed to a disturbing group of people who seem to make their living by trolling through WordPress sites and “liking” or “following” a blog in the hope that someone will return to their site and learn how to improve their life, make money on the internet, or fulfill their dreams by working less and living more.


The pictures in their blogs show healthy, vibrant, smiling people relaxing by swimming pools, posing in some exotic locale, or being surrounded by lovely women. They appear confident, buoyant, and fulfilled, and with no more consciousness than a bee buzzing happily from flower to flower.

I ask you a favor. Please don’t do that here on Via Lucis. This is a community of people who think about the world differently. We are concerned with medieval architecture and the remnants of a world whose echoes live in the stones we photograph…

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Goodbye Google reader, hello Bloglovin

As you may already know, Google is closing its Reader. It’s a major pain in the proverbial to have to migrate your data somewhere else.

I started using Bloglovin, so if you’re using it too, click here for a link to my thingy so you can start following this blog (and I can follow you back as well). Also, Bloglovin has a tool to transfer all the info you had on your Google reader.