More images of Buenos Aires

Cafe Tortoni, one of the oldest in the city. Notice the tourists queuing up for a table.

Plaza de Mayo with the historic  Cabildo (old Town Hall) in the background.

El Congreso Nacional (Parliament building)

The Yacht Club at Puerto Madero

A random street in the Palermo neighbourhood

A “picada” (our take on tapas) washed down with malbec

One of the many florists that dot the streets

10 images of Buenos Aires

Historic Fragata Sarmiento (now a museum) is moored alongside the wharf in Puerto Madero:

Puente de la Mujer in Puerto Madero. This bridge was designed by Spanish architect Santiago de Calatrava and symbolizes a couple dancing the tango:

A cup of “cortado” (espresso with a shot of milk):

Last resting place of Gen. Jose de San Martin inside the Cathedral of Buenos Aires. He is Argentina’s greatest Independence hero:

Inside Confiteria Ideal. Buenos Aires has a strong, time-honoured coffee culture:

Entrance to the Underground or “subte” as it is called here*:

* I just realised it says “exit only”!

Plaza de Mayo Underground station. In 1913, Buenos Aires became the first South American city to build an underground system:

Buildings on Avenida de Mayo:

A typical newsagents:

Sean sitting at one of the dozens of corner bars. This one is located in the Colegiales neighbourhood: