Cycling in Dallas

Helmet. Bottle of water.  Padded shorts. Gloves. Brightly coloured clothes. We´re ready to hit the road and cycle around our Dallas suburb.

Ready to set out.
Ready to set out.

We have two options: to use dedicated trails or use the on-street bicycle routes designated by the City of Plano. If we decide to use the trails around, say, Whiterock Lake, we have to loadour bikes onto the truck and drive across the city. It is more practical for us to cycle along the street.

A brave, lone cyclist
A brave, lone cyclist

I prefer to go cycling early at the weekend because there are not as many cars on the road. Although the rules state that a bicycle is entitled to the whole lane on designated routes, I don’t really trust drivers. I see so many of them getting distracted while driving becausen they are talking on the phone or texting or even applying makeup. The fewer cars around me, the better.

The weather has a say in what we do, in a manner of speaking. During the summer it gets so hot that I prefer to hit the road at around 8 o’clock but my husband doesn’t always agree. He doesn’t like to have a strict timetable at weekends and I can understan that. But still, it gets hot!

Which way?
Which way?

It can get very cold in the winter and it’s no fun to cycle with almost freezing wind in your face. The wind blows all year round in Dallas and in all directions at the same time. If we c ycle in one direction against the wind, you’d think you’d have the wind in your back when you cycle in the opposite direction but no, never. The worst is when you’re going downhill and have to pedal hard anyway instead of coasting because the winds stops you. It is very tiring but I’m always glad I’ve done it. I feel great and full of energy.

So go cycling if you can and remeber to wear a helmet, hydrate and stretch afterwards.  Why not even make it a New Year’s resolution?

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Hi, I'm Ana. I'm originally from Argentina but I'm currently living in Dallas (USA) with my British husband. I'd like to share my experiences as an expat and as a traveller.

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