Icemaggedon cometh to Dallas

This week was interesting for me weather wise here in Dallas.

We returned from Buenos Aires on Tuesday, where it was warm and sunny (it’s the beginning of summer.) It took us a day to acclimate to a Dallas, although it was mild. Wednesday was warm (27 C – 80 F) and sunny, a gorgeous day. However, the weathermen warned us about ice storms and freezing temps for the following days. Thursday was bleak: overcast, windy and cold, about 4 C (39 F). I had a tennis match which, to my chagrin, was not cancelled. To add insult to injury, I discovered I had a flat tire as I was backing out of the garage (Hubby came to the rescue.) And I lost (but it was good match, at least I enjoyed playing very much.)

This is what I woke up to on Friday
This is what I woke up to on Friday

On Thursday afternoon, we had sleet showers. Never a good sign. It rained the rest of the day and overnight. On Friday, I woke up to a white winterscape. What I thought was rain was in fact ice. We had an ice storm, the much anticipated “Icemaggedon.”

Stalactites hung from our front porch awning, street lamps, cars, tree branches. Plants, trees, and flowers were covered in a layer of ice. I felt sorry for the roses on my front patch of garden. Some neighbourhood kids went out on an adventure around the block and one of them started to trample on frozen plants for fun. My plants. I saw her, knocked on the window and shook my finger at her. She promptly left.

Frozen stiff Pampas grass
Frozen stiff Pampas grass

Today is the second day of Icemaggedon and temps are way below freezing. Most people I know are staying inside -and getting bored to tears. Unlike them, we went out to the mall. Driving on icy streets can be tricky but, luckily, my British husband has experience and drove us to the mall and back in one piece.

My street
My street

This is different from what I’m used to. Winters in Buenos Aires don’t get this cold. It snowed twice, as far as I know, in 1918 and 2007 (incidentally, my maternal grandfather witnessed both occasions) and we get “olas polares,” cold snaps from the South Pole but it hardly ever gets below zero. Weather in Texas is so unpredictable and so variable that I’m sure we’ll be wearing sunglasses and T-shirts in a few days.

I made this snowlady in my parents' backyard in July 2007. I named her Amalia.
I made this snowlady in my parents’ backyard in July 2007. I named her Amalia.

Actually, this is the second ice storm I’ve seen in Dallas. the first one was in February 2010, just in time for the XLV  Superbowl in the new Cowboys stadium in Arlington. Perfect timing, eh.

A neighbour's gas meter
A neighbour’s gas meter

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Hi, I'm Ana. I'm originally from Argentina but I'm currently living in Dallas (USA) with my British husband. I'd like to share my experiences as an expat and as a traveller.

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