Two weeks. Seven countries. A yellow car

This sums up our European road trip: we drove a vintage car from England to Italy and survived to tell the tale. This trip was our belated honeymoon. You see, when we got married in Buenos Aires eight years ago, Sean had to go back to work immediately and we had to forgo the honeymoon. Life got in the way and we finally decided to do it now.

Our plan was to drive to Tuscany in stages. We stopped in three cities for the night –Troyes, Geneva and Genoa- before coming to our lovely agriturismo south of Florence. We took an overnight train back through Germany to Den Bosch and then drove through Holland and Belgium to the Eurotunnel in Calais.

About to check-in at Victor Hugo terminal, Folkestone
About to check-in at Victor Hugo terminal, Folkestone

We drove a vintage bright yellow car, a 1965 Alvis, which Sean bought from his uncle in 1993. It is his pride and joy but he gets to enjoy it only when he comes to England, which is where the car lives. Just like anyone of a certain age, this car suffers from minor ailments. One is called pinking. The other is that when the car stops and the engine is hot, the fuel evaporates if it doesn’t cool down immediately, the engine doesn’t get any fuel and it stalls.

The Yellow Peril
The Yellow Peril

Sean realized this when we were about to board the train at Folkestone. We checked in and then stopped outside the terminal. When it was time to board, the car wouldn’t start. Nothing seemed to work. A copper came to help. I went inside the terminal to ask if we could board a later train (no problem, they weren’t busy). Sean eventually figured out what to do, started the car and we set off.

We boarded the train and settled for the short journey. The actual crossing took about half an hour. Soon we were on our way to many adventures in Italy.

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Hi, I'm Ana. I'm originally from Argentina but I'm currently living in Dallas (USA) with my British husband. I'd like to share my experiences as an expat and as a traveller.

21 thoughts on “Two weeks. Seven countries. A yellow car”

      1. Ana, for me, you do have a knack of “touching chords”. In 1962 my wife and I decided to motor to Greece and back, in a 950cc Ford Anglia, with a sloping rear window. Fortunately at the time read in a magazine that the engine would overheat during a European summer trip; we traveled in June. So I removed the water temperature thermostat. Simplon Pass, Greek mountain pass – no trouble. In the Greek mountains the military had an exercise in which there was a lot of looking under their vehicle bonnets. (Don’t know what you may call that part of a vehicle in USA) We felt very smug.


  1. Lol…the yellow beast is a francophibic. Who knew 😉
    Can’t wait to see the rest of your trip in writing….xx


  2. I love the Yellow Peril! What a great car…to look at, anyway. Not sure I want to drive it on the Autobahn or the autostrade in Europe. What a fabulous trip you had. The agroturismo places are great in Italy. Hope the weather in Holland was okay. You never know there.


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