Encounter of the blogger kind

Ever since I started blogging and being active on social media, I’ve met some wonderful people. With most, it’s a virtual friendship: I read and comment on their blog posts, they do the same with mine, we talk via Twitter and Facebook.

A while ago I was on Facebook when I saw that Tita Buds had posted a photo from Dallas. Wait a minute! She lives in the Philippines, is she in Dallas now!? Indeed. She was visiting one of her sisters, who happens to live not fifteen minutes away from my house. Small world, eh?

It was meant to be because I arrived in Dallas the day before and we were both leaving the city the day after! (Tita Buds was still travelling at the time of writing)

We arranged to meet at my local Starbucks. We had a good chat about travel and ourselves. Tita Buds is a lovely woman with a great heart and very open minded. We talked about the places we visited, our families and our cultures. Although we’re from hugely different countries, the Philippines and Argentina, we found some shared values.

Tita said she used my blog to find places to visit in Dallas, some that even her sister hadn’t been to. Glad you found this useful!

It was a rare opportunity to meet in the real world someone I already knew from the virtual world. Talk about worlds colliding!

Tita Buds and I at my local Starbucks in Plano TX.
Tita Buds and I at my local Starbucks in Plano TX.

Head on to Tita Buds blog and have a look. She’ll open the doors to a new world.

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Hi, I'm Ana. I'm originally from Argentina but I'm currently living in Dallas (USA) with my British husband. I'd like to share my experiences as an expat and as a traveller.

11 thoughts on “Encounter of the blogger kind”

  1. I came across your site only recently and was really delighted. The reason being that ‘in the sixties’ just after what I have seen described as ‘the first eye-blink of the computer age’, {2012 is the centenary anniversary of Alan Turing} my job took me, my wife and very young daughter on a 3 year trip to B.A., as an ex-pat. from the UK. My job was to instal 2 second generation computers for BOLSA (Bank of London and S. America) plus recruit and train local electronics-experienced engineers and acquaint them with the art of computer maintenance. It was the best part of my working life and your site made the the memories flood back. Then, your notes on a trip to Uruguay, via ferry to Colonia was an added pleasure as we used that route for a holiday in Punta del este (spelling may not be correct). En route we encountered an unusual bridge over a river. The bridge instead of a flat cross-river passage, supported in the middle, was double-humped. Perhaps you know of it and the location which I have forgotten.
    Best wishes for Christmas.
    If you look outside and the early morning sky has a warm coloured tint, it could be a result of a warm glow from Wiltshire.


    1. Hola Alan!
      I’m so glad you enjoyed reading my blog. And thank you for your kind comments. I’m sorry to say that the Banco de Londres is no more. Did you work at that huge concrete block in Microcentro? The building is still there, at least.
      The bridge you mention is the Colon-Paysandu international bridge and straddles the Uruguay river between the cities of Colon (Entre Rios, Argentina) and Paysandu (Uruguay).
      Have a wonderful Christmas,


      1. Many thanks for pinpointing the bridge location. I occasionally update myself, re B A and Argentina, via the internet and online ‘Buenos Aires Herald’ so was aware that el Banco no longer has a presence. However I not only was in the building when the Bank was operational but also whilst ‘the concrete structure’ was being built. I was not an employee of the Bank but each Friday morning I met with Bank employees/architects and the representative of the designer/contractor; we met at what would become the front door. We then climbed to the roof, level 5 I remember, and worked down floor by floor until we reached basement 1 or 2, I cannot quite remember, where the computer was to be installed. I was sometimes asked my opinion about that area. We then descended to the lower basement where the 250kva diesel backup generator would be installed. I could then depart. The main electricity supply was not always as constant a level in those days as required for computer operation, fortunately such problems were rare. Somewhere in my personal book collection I have a copy of a local glossy magazine that publicised the opening of the Bank and, because it was a new development, there was a photo of the operating desk of the machine; such things no longer are worthy of such attention.
        I have added your Blog to my update material, thank you.


  2. Yay! It’s so fun to meet blogging friends in person. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Ana! I’m so glad that you’re able to celebrate here in Argentina with your friends and family. Besos!


  3. How can I not like this? 😀
    Maraming salamat (thank you very much) for the VERY generous words, Ana. It was really great getting to meet and chat with you. I can’t believe we were able to talk about so much in such a short time. A couple of chatterboxes in Starbucks, hehe.
    Per your recommendation, we went to the rodeo in FW and it was really fun. Thanks, thanks! 🙂


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