Children’s Games From Around the World (free) e-book

As some of you may already know, I’m contributing editor at PocketCultures and I’m proud to announce the launch of our very first e-book. Here’s an extract from the press release:

The free book “Games for Kids of the World,” features 15 different children’s games from every continent of the world that are of wide appeal to all children. The games are specifically chosen ones that don’t require an expensive setup or specific equipment, and therefore can be played wherever you are, by any child. The book is hand illustrated and features player introductions to help readers imagine life in each country. This is a labor of love for our contributors, who have happily combed through their childhood memories to hand pick and write the best of their childhood play experiences to share with children from other cultures. We hope it can be used in classrooms, in living rooms and in backyards across the world.

You can get the e-book for free here.

Help us spread the word by sharing this e-book with your friends.

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Hi, I'm Ana. I'm originally from Argentina but I'm currently living in Dallas (USA) with my British husband. I'd like to share my experiences as an expat and as a traveller.

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