10 Most Memorable Travel Moments

Cliffpath to Greve de Lecq - Jersey, Channel Islands

1)      My first time in Paris. I felt the city belonged to me. There weren’t enough hours in each day to explore the city. It felt like finding my soul mate.

2)      Long, leisurely drives around the southwest of France in my husband’s bright yellow 1965 Alvis. People waved at us and took photos of the car. We visited every medieval bastide in the area. (I secretly expected to see the ghosts of the Cathars).

3)      Visiting the terracotta soldiers at Xi’an and walking along the Great Wall.

4)      Going on long walks along the cliffs in Jersey, Channel Islands, with my hubby and taking in the striking scenery and pure air. It was so peaceful yet dramatic

5)      Feeling like a local in Barcelona because I can read and understand the restaurant menus written in Catalan.

6)      A perfect day with Hubby: a splendidly delicious lunch at Michelin-starred restaurant Bohemia (Jersey, CI) followed by a stroll at Howard Davis Park and a relaxing afternoon in the fragrant rose garden.

7)      The cruise around the Chilean fjords with my siblings and grandparents. It was their 50th wedding anniversary celebration.

8)      Visiting my grandfather’s home town of Granollers, Spain. It all fell into place, I’d found my roots.

9)      Sharing magical moments with my hubby in Rome. Unforgettable.

10)   Walking my then-fiancée’s butt off in London. Showing him, a local, around Buckingham Palace. Well, sort of. I’d been there once already and he hadn’t. That was funny.

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Hi, I'm Ana. I'm originally from Argentina but I'm currently living in Dallas (USA) with my British husband. I'd like to share my experiences as an expat and as a traveller.

20 thoughts on “10 Most Memorable Travel Moments”

  1. You have been to some truly “awesome” places! How wonderful that you got to see your grandfather’s town – I haven’t done that yet – which is a shame, considering that I am rather close…
    Standing on the Great Wall must have been amazing!!
    Good luck in the competition!!


  2. I was working on Guernsey in the Channel Islands but I never made it to Jersey – you’ve done some great travels, Ana.
    ps; not sure if it was just me but I couldn’t get your link on the grantourismo page to work..maybe double check


    1. Hi Rebecca. You know what? Although we spent over a year in Jersey (me, on and off), we never made it Guernsey. Sean was working there so he only had weekends free and the ferry schedule didn’t always match our own, or we went to see his folks in England or did other things. Not going to Guernsey is one of my regrets 😦
      I checked the link and it seems to be fine.


  3. You’ve been to some fantastic places, Ana! I, for one, would love to visit the site of the terracotta soldiers.

    I can imagine how special it must have been to visit your grandfather’s hometown in Spain, too. Being able to travel is such a blessing!


  4. Great top 10 list here. I love how you described the effect of Paris on you.

    I was wondering if you had any specific recommendations in regards to the Chilean fjords cruise? I’ll be there in May and it sounds lovely. Thank you!


    1. Hi Steve, good to see you here 🙂

      Regarding your question about Chile, we went with Skorpios (www.skorpios.cl) and had a great time. Their ships were rather small compared to the Caribbean cruises but I prefer it that way because it’s more intimate. And the food was delicious! If you go that far south in May, you’ll probably need a few layers of warm clothing. We wore jackets in January (in the middle of summer)! Hope you have a wonderful trip.


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