If you’re in… Buenos Aires (part II)

More useful tips that’ll help you feel at home in this wonderful city.

  • Tips. You’re not expected to tip taxi drivers. The standard tip is about 10% of the bill in restaurants and bars. Some places add it to the bill when there’s a party of eight or more people.
  • Haggling is not a common practice in this part of the world.
  • Taxes are already included in the price.
  • Taxis are relatively cheap. You can flag one on the street or call a taxi company. There’s a third possibility: you order a remis, a sort of private taxi (they aren’t black and yellow, though)

  • Buses are cheaper still. The basic bus fare is AR$ 1.25 (about 30¢ US). Try to get hold of a Guia T, which lists every bus line, bus stop and bus route in the city (Caveat: it’s available in Spanish only).
  • Learn your beef vocabulary:
  1. rare: vuelta y vuelta
  2. medium rare: jugoso
  3. medium: a punto
  4. well-done: bien cocido
  • Some shops give you a discount if you pay cash.
  • Shopping is great in Buenos Aires, especially anything leather: shoes, boots, handbags, jackets.

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Hi, I'm Ana. I'm originally from Argentina but I'm currently living in Dallas (USA) with my British husband. I'd like to share my experiences as an expat and as a traveller.

4 thoughts on “If you’re in… Buenos Aires (part II)”

  1. I’d like a bife de chorizo, a punto (or jugoso). 🙂 I find that it depends on the restaurant – a lot of times if I order “a punto” it comes out too well done.


  2. Buenos Aires is a magic place that you all should visit! Food is excellent, especially “bifes” and “asados” There are many opportunities to know explore this part of the world. Many travel tours conducted to Argentina are really cheap. Also, if you make reservations in advance you can find several hotel dealswhere you can surely get rooms at low cost. There’s always a possibility, you just have to find it!


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