Style face-off: Buenos Aires vs Dallas

Following the style face-off series, Buenos Aires is pitted against Dallas.



Very little. But women do love their perfume. Lots! Especially this airbrushed effect that looks so artificial. Stepford Wives, anyone?


Long and layered. With highlights or dyed blonde. Older women favour shoulder-length bobs. Big Southern hair. Dolly Parton’s wannabes.

Fashion trends

Skinny jeans and leggings with flowy tops during the day. Miniskirts and high heels for going out. Harem pants are the latest rage (sorry girls, you look like you’re wearing diapers underneath)

Local women follow fashion to a T (whether it suits them or not.)

Women follow trends to a T (whether they should is a different kettle of fish). Some really shouldn’t. Middle aged women do like their Capri pants.
Cosmetic surgery Gives Dallas a run for its money. Botox, collagen, boob and nose jobs are rampant. Fake boob and Botox central
Nails Natural. Red. Dark colours. Long, fake talons


Lots of black for work and play. Otherwise, it depends on which colour is in fashion that season. Lots of pink
Summer footwear of choice Leather boots in winter, strappy sandals and flip-flops in summer. Flip flops galore (all year round)
Jewellery Colourful necklaces in the warmer months. Big and bold
Skinny jeans and boots (am I a fashion victim too???)


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Hi, I'm Ana. I'm originally from Argentina but I'm currently living in Dallas (USA) with my British husband. I'd like to share my experiences as an expat and as a traveller.

15 thoughts on “Style face-off: Buenos Aires vs Dallas”

  1. ¡Hola! I love these tables! Harem pants are horrible, no matter how fashionable! Hey, you could do one table with Barcelona, too, I’d like to see our style from a different perspective 🙂


    1. Thanks Marta! they are fun to make too. I’d have to do some research on Barcelona…. maybe I should go there soon 🙂
      Camden: aren’t they just horrible??
      Sabrina: I agree. I couldn’t so it myself, I’m so low maintenance.


  2. Nice 🙂 I like the face-off! And it’s true. I’ve noticed that in Texas girls just wear much more make-up than in other places. Looks really pretty many times, but all the work to put it on? No thanks! Plus, many times it looks a little too fake too.


  3. hahahaha…this is great Ana ! And yes we are all fashion victims in some way or another but hopefully we can avoid the AB FAB way of doing it 🙂


  4. Hola!! Muy buena la comparación, además practico un poco my english. ¿Qué quiere decir la expresión “follow fashion to a T”?
    Me causan la misma impresión los pantalones harem… no me acostumbro a verlos!!!


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