Exploring Barrie

Last Saturday, Toronto was virtually shut down because of the G20 summit and it was bucketing down, not the ideal way to start the weekend. We definitely needed to find something to do away from the city and the hotel.

We were going to check out Vaughn, our next destination, but along the way Sean asked if I wanted to have lunch in Barrie, just because he read the sign along the 400 highway and liked it. Why not? And we drove to Barrie on a whim. It’s on Lake Simcoe, about 90 kilometres north of Toronto.

It was after 2.30 PM and we were hungry. We stopped two old dears to ask them about a nice place for lunch. Who better than the locals for a good recommendation?  They each mentioned a place at opposite ends of the downtown core. Hmm! We picked one at random: Shirley’s.

We got there just before the kitchen closed for lunch. Pheeeew! We had a lovely lunch. When I whipped out my camera to take photos of our food, our waitress Kim said she too liked taking pictures of food and drink. So Sean proceeded to tell her we have a food blog where we write about the restaurants we’ve been to and liked around the world. She got excited and we later found out she’d gone and told the chef, of all people! Apparently, he was interested in what we had to say about his food. Ouch! Fortunately, we had lots of good things to say here.

We ate so much that we rolled out of the restaurant. We strolled up and down the downtown core, which consists of a long street lined with lovingly restored Victorian buildings, (every now and then stopping to check the score of the USA vs Ghana match) and the lakefront. It was very pretty, shame about the crappy weather, though.

Downtown Barrie

Crappy weather

Lakefront park. Apparently very popular for weddings.

View from the lake

One of my favourite buildings in Barrie all decked out for the World Cup.

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Hi, I'm Ana. I'm originally from Argentina but I'm currently living in Dallas (USA) with my British husband. I'd like to share my experiences as an expat and as a traveller.

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