Art Gallery of Ontario

   Today I spent a few hours perusing works of art from different countries and periods at the Art Gallery of Ontario. It was lot bigger than I expected. 
   As soon as I arrived, a few minutes before 11.30, I was told that the free mini tours were about to begin and I could choose between Canadian, European, African and Contemporary Art. I thought I might as well choose Canadian art since I’m in Canada. The guide was a very nice lady and I learned a lot.
   After the guided tour., I wandered into the African art room. I was trying to make out what that thing hanging on the wall was (sorry, contemporary art is not my cup of tea) when another charming lady came up to me and kindly offered to explain this installation to me. She did and then proceeded to talk about other sculptures and installations. I had my very own personal guide. It was really cool.

   But there is so much culture my brain can take in and before 4 pm I decided to call it a day. And a culture-filled one at that!

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Hi, I'm Ana. I'm originally from Argentina but I'm currently living in Dallas (USA) with my British husband. I'd like to share my experiences as an expat and as a traveller.

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